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What You Should Expect When Having Your Windshield Repaired?

The windshield repair technician's primary goal is to keep the damage from cracking further, resulting in the need for a more costly windshield replacement.  A quality repair performed by a Maxx Glass technician will leave your windshield 100% structurally restored to pre-damaged condition.  The cosmetic result, however, will depend on a multitude of factors.

The extent of the damage

Typically, but not always, the more extensive the damage, the more visible with result will be.  While glass can be repaired 100% structurally, it will usually repair 75-90% cosmetically.  Fractured glass, even when repaired, will no longer refract light the way it did before it was damaged.  Also, when the rock hits, it shatters the surface glass and propels inward.  This too, can lead to a more visible repair.

The length of time the damage has been there.

A rock chip treated soon after it occurs will almost always look much better than one that has been there for months or even years.  The impact of a rock or debris that has caused windshield damage, leaves an open hole into the windshield.  This entry point allows dirt, debris, and moisture to accumulate over time, and it is very difficult, sometimes impossible, to remove.  We often advise customers to cover the rock ship with a piece of clear tape immediately after the rock chip occurs.  This helps to effectively keep anything from getting into the damaged area.

Miscellaneous Circumstances

Often vehicle owners will try to treat rock chips with "home remedies" and do-it-yourself kits.  Common home remedies include:  Super Glue, clear nail polish, and Gorilla Glue.  None of the work, and most often they ruin the windshield. The technician can't get the glue out of the rock chip and so there is no way to complete the repair process.  During a professional repair, resin is injected into the chip and then air, dirt and debris is removed and then additional resin is added. This process is repeated several time before the repair is completed.  Only professional windshield repair kits allow for this process to be done correctly.  Windshield repair is not one of those things you can "just do".  You have to know what your are doing or you risk irreparable damage to your glass.

Customer Expectations

Often customers think that their primary goal is to save their windshield, and the secondary goal is how the windshield will look once it is repaired.  After the repair, we often find that the cosmetic result was actually more important to the customer than saving the windshield.

In short, what can you expect from a windshield repair? A repaired windshield will leave the windshield 100% structurally repaired and is guaranteed by the Maxx Glass Lifetime Warranty. Cosmetically the customer can expect small, superficial damage to appear approximately 80-90% improved while larger more extensive damage will sometimes fall into the 75-80% range. If the visible, cosmetic expectations are not something you are going to be satisfied with, you may not want to consider a repair and instead you will want to consider a full windshield replacement.

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