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Relax and enjoy your next road trip !

The arrival of spring always stirs up a longing for adventure. After months cooped up inside and navigating wet or icy roads, blue skies and warm weather are reason enough to load up your car and hit the highway. Whether you’re headed to the beach, the city or mountains, here are some tips for making it the most relaxing road trip ever! Time to pack up the car and hit the road.

Vehicle Maintenance

Car care is necessary year-round, but especially before a road trip. Your vehicle will be where you spend the bulk of your time during your journey, so make sure all its functions are fine-tuned and operating at maximum performance levels. If your windshield has a small rock chip, addressing this before starting your road trip will eliminate the need for the more expensive replacement if the damage spreads further during your trip. Call the chip repair experts at Maxx Auto Glass, we can provide same-day windshield repair service!

Make a road trip playlist There’s nothing better than the open road and some of your favorite tunes. Creating a playlist for your road trip will make the drive much more enjoyable and eliminate distracted driving.

Entertainment If you’re traveling with kids, entertainment is key to keeping them preoccupied. Download a couple of movies and games on your smartphone or tablet, pack coloring books and a deck of cards (or Go Fish!) to keep the road trip boredom at bay.

Stop and stretch Take frequent breaks, every 2-3 hours, and stretch it out. Not only will this keep your mind focused for driving, your body will thank you. Stretch out your neck, arms and legs to stay loose and comfortable. This quick stretch guide is a good place start.

Stay stress free with apps Use GPS and traffic apps like Google Maps, Waze, and MapQuest. Not only will these apps help get you where you need to go, they will also provide traffic and accident updates so that you can re-route if necessary and get to your destination sooner.

Plan your stops To eliminate stress, plan your stops for gas and food ahead of time. Doing research ahead of time will ensure that you have safe places to stop so you’re not looking when your tank is almost empty. You can even put together a AAA TripTik and make restaurant reservations if necessary.

Take some time to plan ahead and put these tips into practice before your road trip getaway, we’re sure you’ll thank yourself later. Stay safe and happy road tripping!

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